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Magic moment

Back a bit. An omission has become apparent after a recently renewed connection; so pardon me for going even less linear than usual. I met a Scotsman whilst climbing Volcán Villaricca, back in Pucón, an experienced hiker familiar with mountains … Continue reading

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From Nature to nature

We left Nature, our hostel in Pucón, on a similar note to our departure from Santiago – yet another encounter with poor dorm etiquette. This time it was an inconsiderate Israeli who disturbed our dawn, spending an absolute age arranging … Continue reading

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Volcanic summits

Ironically it was a less poo-y passage to Pucón, a short ride on a local bus after saying our farewells to Isabela and her extended family, we arrived mid-evening without reservations and found ourselves traipsing between hostels trying to find … Continue reading

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A Ray of Sunshine

We left Concepción in a rush, a cause of our forgetfulness – we’d left our leftovers at Isabela’s, so, pushing time we returned to her house and recovered our sustenance for the onward journey – couscous and roasted vegetables from … Continue reading

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Literary Interlude III

Breathing life into a personaje A daydream had thrown her off-balance; it had taken the bicycle’s wheels from under her. The dream had captured her, separating her from reality, stealing her mind from her body. Wobbling wheels had jolted her … Continue reading

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