Bread & Puppet

Featured in South America’s first hippy museum (in San Marcos Sierras, Cordoba)…

cheap art manifesto)

– – –


Others included:
** Pull off the modernization suit and tie and let the naked sun shine on you **

** Fight the technological oppression **

** Resistance of the heart against business as usual **

** Resistance of the mind against the supremacy of money **

** Resistance to the ever growing logic of the empire **

– – –

The Bread and Puppet Theater is a politically radical puppet theater, active since the 1960s, currently based in Glover, Vermont. The name derives from the theater’s practice of sharing its own fresh bread with the audience as a means of creating community, and from its central principle that art should be as basic to life as bread. The Theater participates in parades including Fourth of July celebrations, notably in Cabot, Vermont, with many effigies including a satirical Uncle Sam on stilts. The Theater was active during the Vietnam War in anti-war protests, primarily in New York. It is often remembered as a central part of the political spectacle of the time, as its enormous puppets (often ten to fifteen feet tall) were a fixture of many demonstrations.


Daniel “Peluca” Domínguez’s hippie history..

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  1. On the bread theme..

    Also check out:

    Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone on 8b Assam Street, E1
    Daily curated interior still lifes, gourmet foot alons & contemporary art installations in an East London warehouse.

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