A poetic photo


Once upon a time it had a purpose.
It was built into a plan.
Each step led you up
to the next,
and the next,
until you reached
your destination in the sky.

It was a stairway to a room with a view,
a view of the world that once was.

In reality I imagine this once upon
a time.
Sitting up there
High on the mountain of my memories.

Distorted in the delusions of my dreams
It weathers.

I wonder if it ever was?
That, which is no longer.

The stairs
are still there, stepping
up to thin air. Rising from the tide
that crept up on them.

[Just like I do]

Tip-toeing to the top,
in the rain.

I stare down.


I fall with my umbrella.

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3 Responses to A poetic photo

  1. Chloe says:

    very nice…of course…. expected no less.

  2. stefan says:

    And then the wind blew up again
    To take me to the top
    I looked at my dreams
    And smiled

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